Beware Of The Dangers Of A Pop-Up Thunderstorm This Summer

July 28, 2021
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The weather has been pretty volatile this summer with large temperature swings and lots of rain and gloom, but if history is any indicator the coming month will be a hot one and with heat and humidity often comes pop-up thunderstorms.  These thunderstorms can come on fast and last a very short amount of time, but they also pack quite a punch.  If you’re not careful you could end up in a dangerous situation that could lead to a New Haven auto accident.

When you’re driving and a weather event like this comes up out of nowhere there are some techniques you can use to limit the danger and keep yourself safe.

  1. Drive slow and move over.  If you are on the highway and a thunderstorm pops up you will want to slow down and move over as best you can.  You will be safest in the farthest right lane and going the speed of the traffic in that lane.
  2. Use your headlights.  This will allow other traffic to see your more easily and will also illuminate your road ahead.
  3. Pull over.  If the rain is too heavy it may be a good idea to pull over and wait out the storm.  While these storms can often be intense, they can also be very quick and pass just as quickly as they arrived.
  4. Use your windshield wipers as needed.  Keeping your windshield clear is the best way to maintain your visibility during one of these storms.

Given that summer weather can be relatively unpredictable it is likely that you will get caught in one of these storms.  However, if you can wait to hit the road and let one of these storms pass, that is the safest thing you can do and it is the best way to avoid a New Haven auto accident.  When inclement weather hits it is always best to avoid driving if it is at all possible.  If you can’t avoid driving, follow the above steps to keep you and your passengers safe.

Rain storms may not seem as dangerous as winter storms, but they can be deadly in their own right.  If you’ve gotten caught in a storm and have been injured as a result of a collision you may want to speak with an experienced attorney.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will work with you to insure that your interests are protected.