Beware Of These Slip And Fall Injuries That Might Occur At An Amusement Park

July 25, 2023
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While there are not amusement parks in New Haven specifically, there are quite a few within a short drive of the Elm City. If you’re planning on taking your family or some friends to one of the area amusement parks you should be aware that there are certain dangers that can arise leaving you injured from a slip and fall accident. These accidents can be severe and require medical attention immediately.

There is nothing that would ruin a fun outing to an amusement park like getting injured due to an avoidable injury. It is important to understand what types of dangers exist at amusement parks that otherwise may not exist in a regular environment. While knowing these dangers may not completely prevent you from becoming injured or getting involved in an accident you may be better equipped to handle the dangers of an amusement park with this information in tow.

Here are some slip and fall accidents that may be more likely to occur at an amusement park when you visit this summer.

1.) Spilled food or beverages. While many amusement parks take pride in keeping the grounds of the park free from debris, they aren’t always able to quickly get to spills. When something spills, whether it be a food or drink, it can cause surfaces to be slippery and if you’re not careful you can find yourself slipping on the substances and this could cause you to become gravely injured. When you’re walking through an amusement park, especially a food court, you will want to make sure you are keeping your eyes forward and on the lookout for food and drink spillage.

2.) Lining up for rides. When you get on certain popular rides you may be in line for quite some time and if that is the case you may not be as vigilant as you might otherwise be with watching your step in front of you. Often gates and fences have metal thresholds that stretch across the line where you are walking and can become a tripping hazard. It can be easy to get lazy and not realize where you’re stepping, especially if you’ve been in line for a while, but it is so important to keep your eyes forward and be aware of your surroundings, even when you may be fatigued from waiting in line for such a long time.

3.) When you are dismounting a ride, you should be extra cautious to not get caught in a seat belt from the ride or a bar that keeps you restrained while you’re on the ride. Rides can be very complex and difficult to maneuver around and you may need to take extra care when you are boarding or dismounting a ride. If you do this with care, you should be fine, but if you do it quickly and in a rushed fashion you may be setting yourself up for getting injured and having to seek medical attention.

If you are going to be attending an amusement park this summer you should know the risks that you could face before you go and talk with your friends and family members to make sure they are aware of how to keep themselves safe from injury. While slip and fall accidents do occur at amusement parks they are quite rare and if you are taking the proper precautions necessary to avoid one you should be alright. However, if you do get injured you may need to consult an attorney who has experience with this type of situation. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.