Beware The Threat Of A New Haven Auto Accident From Winter Driving Conditions Is Not Over

February 12, 2023
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It’s no secret that it’s been a mild winter here in the Elm City and with weather conditions showing no sign of changing, it seems like we might just skip winter all together.  Don’t sleep on winter driving conditions being gone for this year, because the truth is that just a small cold snap could lead to conditions that could result in a New Haven auto accident and catch you by surprise.

Just as you might at the start of a typical winter season, during a winter season that has seen milder then average temperatures you will want to make sure you are driving with caution and keeping yourself safe while behind the wheel.  Driving conditions can change drastically, especially when the sun goes down on an otherwise mild day and you could find yourself skidding out and into a life altering accident.

In order to protect yourself you should be aware of the types of road conditions you could experience while you’re out driving.  In the event that you are driving during a day where the temperatures are above average, but still cool, there are a number of obstacles you might face.

1.) Black ice.  Black ice is a road condition that is typically a concern at the start and end of the winter season, but with temperatures above average now it is something you should be on the lookout for to try to avoid.  You may find these conditions as the weather is warming up from overnight lows or cooling down from the high temperatures of a bright day.  If you see a puddle of any kind, you should avoid it safely and make sure you use extra caution if you cannot avoid it.

2.) Rain.  Rain can cause slippery conditions no matter what the temperature is, but during the winter months if it is raining it is quite likely that there is a chance that the rain will mix with sleet or hail and if that happens slippery conditions can lead to deadly conditions quite quickly.  If rain becomes a visibility concern or the roads are getting too slick to drive safely you should pull over to the side of the road and wait for the storm to pass.

3.) Poor visibility.  Often when the roads are wet a lot of debris will get splashed up onto your windshield and leave you with difficulty seeing the road ahead.  Low visibility can be one of the most dangerous driving conditions of all.  If you can’t see the road in front of you, you won’t be able to drive safely and protect yourself and your passengers from dangerous situations.

Winter may not be over, but it can sometimes feel that way with the temperatures rising the way they are.  We won’t complain too much, but we want to make sure you are experiencing safe conditions and when they are not safe, understanding what you can do to avoid a New Haven auto accident during the remainder of the season and beyond.

If you do get injured you may need to speak with an attorney who has experience with a situation like yours.  Reach out to our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review what has happened in your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.