Can Automatic Emergency Braking Systems Prevent New Haven Auto Accidents?

November 22, 2021
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is on record as saying that automatic emergency braking systems (AEB) are the next wave of safety tech for cars to help people prevent accidents.  This technology, which is relatively new shows promise in it’s ability to stop New Haven auto accidents, but how does it work?

Using sensors that are built into your vehicle, the brakes are applied gently to help slow down your vehicle and avoid a collision with a car who may be in front of you or has pulled out unexpectedly.  The goal of the AEB system is to be a layer of protection if you do not see the vehicle that you may collide with and help you prevent that collision.

There are two different types of AEB systems that are currently being used and talked about as life saving technologies in your car, one is called dynamic brake support and the other is called crash imminent braking.  The two have the same goal, to keep you out of an accident, but they are designed to perform different functions in different scenarios.

  1. Dynamic brake support functions when a driver does not apply enough brake pressure to avoid a collision.  The system senses that more brake pressure needs to be applied and applies it along with whatever pressure the driver has been putting on the brakes.  The combined pressure is enough to avoid a collision and keep all in the car safe.
  2. Crash imminent braking on the other hand will apply the brakes if the driver is not responding to a situation that a crash is possible and the driver is applying no brake pressure.  The vehicle will sense this and then apply enough brake pressure to either avoid the collision all together or limit the severity of the collision for the driver and his/her passengers.

While these types of braking technologies are new and evolving they show great promise.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) they have likely already saved many lives and will continue to do so as more vehicles become equipped with this type of technology.  If you have the opportunity to obtain a vehicle with this type of technology you would be encouraged to do so as it may help you avoid a New Haven auto accident.

If there is an accident and you are injured you may need to speak with an attorney who can work with you to protect your long-term interests.  Our attorneys are standing by to review your case and take the appropriate next steps.