Changes To Pedestrian Traffic Laws Approved By The Connecticut Senate

June 3, 2021
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In an overwhelmingly bi-partisan vote of 32-3, the Connecticut Senate approved a new bill aimed at reducing the number of New Haven pedestrian accidents that occur each year.   Last year, pedestrian accidents were significantly higher then in recent years.  In fact, 65 pedestrians were killed in the state of Connecticut last year alone.  This is a staggering number and one that the General Assembly felt that it was important to address.

The new law makes the following changes to existing traffic laws;

  1. Allows pedestrians to wave from the side of the road to indicate their intent to cross.
  2. Cities and towns will now be allowed more flexibility in setting their own speed limits without first having to run it by the state for approval.
  3. Prohibits “dooring” which describes when car doors are left open and impede the process of a bicyclist or pedestrian.

After having passed the Connecticut House of Representatives the bill will now go on to the desk of Governor Lamont to be signed into law.

Lawmakers have indicated that the law gives increased flexibility to city and town leaders to make pedestrian safety a priority in their own communities. With some of these provisions there is hope that the number of New Haven pedestrian accidents will reduce in the coming years.

Summer is a busy time in our city and if you are out walking or biking through the city you will want to make sure you are staying safe and avoiding any unnecessary interactions with motorists.  If an accident were to occur and you were injured you can contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case.

Stay safe this summer!