Clear Headlights May Be Key To Avoiding A New Haven Auto Accident

October 20, 2022
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As the days get shorter and the nights are longer, you may be out driving more at night.  This change in your habits will come up quickly as we turn the clocks back and the evening becomes earlier and earlier in the day.  It is for this reason that you may need to do some adjusting to your car so you can avoid a New Have auto accident during this time of day.

As one might expect the most important part of your vehicle when driving at night is your headlights.  You may not give too much thought to your headlights, but they can make or break your ability to get to where you are going at night safely.  Without good headlights and well cared for headlights you may put yourself and your passengers at risk of an accident as the days turn to night sooner.

Here are some things you should check to make sure your headlights are functioning properly and will not cause an incident for you.

1.) Confirm that they are in working order.  This may require that you ask someone to help you test out your headlights to make sure they are working before you hit the road at night.  While you are doing this check you should also insure that your break lights and turn signals are working as well.

2.) Replace any broken or burnt out bulbs and then retest your lights once they have been replaced.  Replacing the bulbs in your lights is not a difficult task, but if you need to you can take your vehicle to a mechanic who can switch them out for you at a low cost.

3.) Clean off the casings on all of your headlights and tail lights.  Often the brightness of your lights can be traced back to how clean or dirty the casings have gotten.  Sometimes a film develops on the lights which can lead to significant dimming over time.  If this is happening you may not be getting the full benefit of your lights to keep you safe while driving at night.

Avoiding a New Haven auto accident may require a lot of different maintenance tasks to be done on your vehicle.  This time of year, one of the most important of these tasks that you can undertake is making sure your headlights are in good working order.  This will allow you to drive worry free at night, even if it’s on your commute home.

Even if you take all the steps suggested to keep yourself and your passengers safe, accidents do happen and you may get injured.  If you are injured, you may need the experience of an attorney to work with you to understand your situation and protect your long-term interests.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you.