Connecticut Pedestrian Accident Fatality Shines Light On Safety Issues

February 22, 2021
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While driving on I84 in Southbury a man got into a  New Haven auto accident with another driver.  The two pulled off to the side of the road to exchange information.  While they were pulled over they were each struck by another passing vehicle and the man was killed, while the other driver suffered serious, but not fatal injuries.  This type of accident and subsequent death happens far too often on Connecticut’s roads and is preventable.  With a few easy safety precautions you can prevent yourself from being injured or killed by on-coming traffic.

If you are ever involved in a situation where you need to pull over on a highway or busy road, following these safety tips will help keep you and your passengers safe.

Tip #1: Pull completely off the road.  If it is possible pull all the way off of the pavement so none of your car is in the road.

Tip #2: If you must get out of your car for some reason make sure you do it quickly and always congregate on the side of the car that is away from the road.

Tip #3: Always use your hazard lights when you are pulled off to the side of the road.  Even in the daylight it can be hard for on-coming traffic to see you, so anything you can do to draw attention to yourself and your vehicle will help alleviate any danger.

Tip #4: If you can avoid pulling over, do so, this is the safest thing you can do.  Even if you must stop to speak with the driver of another car, make it brief and then continue any detailed conversation you might need to have (exchanging insurance information for example) when you can get off the busy road and into a parking lot nearby.

Being stopped on the side of a highway can be very dangerous, even before you get out of your car.  You will want to do everything you can to avoid a New Haven auto accident and taking the steps above will help you do this.  While nothing is guaranteed, taking precautionary steps will allow you to stay as safe as possible.

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