Connecticut Teen’s Death A Difficult Reminder About The 100 Deadliest Days

July 6, 2021
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The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend is commonly referred to as the 100 Deadliest Days on the roads of the United States.  This is because it is the time when teen drivers in particular are out on our roads more frequently and are more vulnerable to be involved in an accident.  Sadly, a recent accident involving an 18-year old driver on I-95 in New London serves as a difficult reminder that this is not just some name that was given to this period of time because it was easy to remember, it was given to this time period because it is an incredibly dangerous time for teens to be on the road.

To prevent New Haven auto accidents during this time of the summer it is important for us to take some lessons from the young man who was killed in the crash in New London.

  1. Speed kills.  While it was not reported whether the young man was speeding it can be inferred by the deadly nature of the crash.  Excessive speeding is much more common among teen drivers.  With drivers of any age driving above the speed limit can increase your chances of getting injured or killed exponentially.
  2. Curfews matter.  Teen drivers should be held to a curfew as inexperienced drivers are more likely to be killed while out late at night.  The driver in this crash was out at two in the morning.  This is a deadly time to be on the road for drivers of all ages.
  3. Drunk or drugged driving is always dangerous and should never happen.  While there isn’t any initial indication that the boy who was killed was drinking or using drugs, it is a good opportunity to remember that drunk or drugged driving are two of the deadliest things you can do while out at night.
  4. Drowsy driving is also a danger.  While teens do not often think about the dangers of driving while drowsy, being behind the wheel after midnight can be especially dangerous for anyone.

Teen drivers have a higher rate of fatality mainly because they are inexperienced behind the wheel.  While anyone could be susceptible to dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, teens in particular, do not take the same precautions that those over the age of 20 often will take, thus limiting the danger of a New Haven auto accident.

An injury behind the wheel can be serious and there may be a need for you to be represented in your case to insure that your long-term interests are met.  If you feel you need an attorney to review your case, contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you.