Dangerous Speeding Up In Connecticut During Coronavirus

June 15, 2020
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Ah…the joy of the open road. That’s a sentiment some drivers in Connecticut have been overdoing in recent months. During the height of the coronavirus stay-at-home order, there were far fewer cars on Route 15 and Interstate 95. Some drivers took advantage of the open roads to increase their speed to dangerous levels. 

According to a recent Department of Transportation (DOT) review, while traffic on the roads was down 52 percent from the year prior, the number of vehicles that were driving over 80 mph was up by 94 percent.

Fewer cars on the road isn’t a good reason for traveling at unsafe speeds. Our firm sees many Connecticut auto accidents, and a significant number of these heartbreaking cases are a result of people traveling over the stated speed limit. 

Speed limits are in place for our protection and are meant to be followed. They help us stay in control of our vehicles and have been well-planned by DOT to do exactly that. When we ignore speed limits, we are putting ourselves and others at risk – and we don’t simply mean your passengers or other drivers. Workers on the side of the road, first responders, and the police are all counting on us to follow speed limits so that they can be safe while they are performing essential roles. Even worse is that, when an accident does occur, those happening at higher speeds are more likely to end with fatalities.

Whether the roads are empty or jam-packed, let’s work together to make our community safer. Obey the speed limits and encourage others to do the same. 

Should you find yourself involved in an auto accident – due to speed or for any other reason – contact our office for a consultation.