Do Signs Mean I Cannot File a New Haven Personal Injury Lawsuit?

August 10, 2020
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Did you or a loved one slip and fell in a store or walkway? You may be able to still collect New Haven personal injury damages for your injuries even if signage was posted warning of the conditions. Many people believe that just because there is a sign that the establishment is not liable. This is not always the case. The question of liability could depend on where the signs are positioned.

For example, if you slip and fall at the entrance to a supermarket and signs are posted, but they are 10 feet inside the store, you would not have had adequate time to adjust footing. Or perhaps, signage inside the doors might have been turned away from all pedestrians.

Signage needs to be posted so that all pedestrians can view it to adequately change their footing to avoid a fall.

If you fall in a public place (or even private place), take the following actions:

  1. Report the fall to the manager, supervisor, property owner etc. immediately
  2. Get medical help immediately. Sometimes it can take days or weeks for injuries to surface. Make sure you are taking care of yourself.
  3. Photograph the scene.
  4. Consult an experienced New Haven personal injury lawyer.

A New Haven personal injury lawyer can discuss with you your claim and options. The LoRicco Law Firm has successfully handled claims like these. Contact our office immediately to begin a legal investigation.