Do These Things When Interacting With An Older Dog To Prevent A New Haven Dog Bite Injury

February 27, 2022
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There is nothing cuter then a new puppy with all it’s puppy energy and excitement running around and exploring the world.  Fast forward 10-12 years and that puppy has now become a full grown dog and while still very cute she has slowed down quite a bit and has a much different energy about her.  Not being able to tell the difference between how to interact with a puppy and an aging pooch can mean the difference between getting a New Haven dog bite injury or not.

Puppy energy is infectious and fun and they love to play.  Their play can be rough sometimes, but they are mostly not strong enough to really hurt you and even when they get their teeth on your it is usually a scrape that occurs at the most damaging.  With a full grown dog there is a different energy and a different vibe to your interactions, they are often slower and less engaged in spending time with you.  This is where you need to take some of these thoughts into consideration when you’re interacting with an aging pup.

  1. Avoid any dog, especially an aging one, that is growling or foaming at the mouth.  This can be a sign of anxiety in the dog and it is when she is at her most unpredictable.  If you are approaching and notice a sudden mood change you should immediately step back away from the pooch and let her owner take over.
  2. Do not approach a dog that is sleeping.  Older dogs may be hard of hearing and will not hear you approaching if they are sleeping and they may get aggressive if they are startled out of a dead sleep.
  3. Don’t make any sudden movements that may startle an older dog.  While older dogs move more slowly then younger dogs, they also are often visually impaired or hearing impaired and that is why sudden movements may startle them and cause them to react in an aggressive way towards the person who startled them.
  4. Always defer to the owner of the pet.  If an owner asks you to not approach the dog or to approach with caution you should always oblige as the owner knows the dog better then you do and may be trying to warn you about possible dangers ahead.

As dogs age, similarly to humans, there personalities will sometimes change, their health will fade, and the way they interact with people may change.  Even if you have an interaction with a dog and it was fine, after a few years of not seeing that same dog your same interactions could lead to a New Haven dog bite injury.  If you are ever questioning whether or not you should interact with a dog, you should ere on the side of not interacting so you can stay safe.

Spending time with dogs is a great joy in many of our lives, but if it leads to injury you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.