Dogs May Be More Likely To Bite When Emerging From Quarantine

May 20, 2021
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As more and more humans emerge from quarantine from the last year we are finding mental health issues that we never thought would be there. These issues are understandable as this emergence from being in our own bubble is pushing us back into a crowded and uncertain world. In the “new normal” it can be easy to forget that our K9 friends are also facing some of these issues as they step out for walks where they will now see more people on sidewalks and pathways.

Dogs have an innate ability to sense a humans comfort level with them and in turn are more likely to be gentle and caring with a human that is that way towards them, but may also act in the opposite way and be more like to lash out and cause a Connecticut dog bite injury when someone has their guard up and is uncomfortable around the dog.

They may be man’s best friends, but they are also not immune to feeling overwhelmed by the new levels of activity that they may be seeing around them. Here are some things you can do as the dog owner to ensure that your dog has a safe return to “normal” as pandemic restrictions lift.

  1. Ease your dog back into human interaction.  You don’t want the first place you take your dog to be a huge park where there are hoards of people strolling around who may be intimidating to your pup.
  2. Start your dog with familiar faces.  If you can invite a few friends over to the house for a backyard get together and let your dog get comfortable with a small group of familiar faces.
  3. Keep your dog leashed.  Even if your pup is good off the leash, keeping him on the leash gives you control and allows you to control the situation.
  4. Encourage those who are unfamiliar with your dog to approach calmly and careful and not “sneak up” on your dog.  If he can be face to face with whomever is coming over the pet him, he is more likely to be comfortable in situation.

We may not often think of our dogs as having to adjust to their surroundings as many dogs are amenable to their surroundings, but it is so important to keep in mind that dogs are affected by changes in their environment just as humans are and this last year was a major change for all of us.  As we start to step out again, that will be a major change as well and taking some precautions to ensure your dog does not cause a Connecticut dog bite injury can be important to ensure the safety and well-being of your dog and those around him.

Here at Loricco Law Firm, we wish you and your furry friends a safe and happy return to “normal” in the coming weeks and months.