Don’t Experience A New Haven Dog Bite Injury When Visiting For The Holidays

December 21, 2023
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The holidays are a time for great joy and love, however there are also some dangers that you should consider if you’re planning on visiting family or friends during this time of the year. Accidents on the way to your destination are one common way people get injured during the next few weeks, but once you arrive at your destination did you know that there are other ways you could become injured. One in particular, is if you are bitten by a dog.

Whether you’re visiting a family that has a dog that is familiar to you or are planning on meeting a new dog for the first time, a New Haven dog bite injury around the holidays can be quite severe and it could make your time spent with family or friends much less enjoyable. It is for this reason that you will want to make sure that you are prepared to interact appropriately with a dog when you arrive at your destination.

Before you leave on your visit you may want to do a little pre-visit check with the friends or family members you will be visiting. This can be especially important if you’re visiting a dog that is new to the family, however it is important no matter how long they have had the animal. You can ask about the dog’s temperament and how it does with strangers, this way you can have a good idea of how you might want your initial approach to be with the pup. If the family you’re visiting suggests that the dog is very aggressive toward unfamiliar people you may wish to ask them to board the animal for your visit. This can be a tricky thing to ask, but it might make your visit more enjoyable and safer.

In the end, if you decide to visit family or friends and decide that the dog that they have will be safe enough to be around, there are some things you should know for your visit so you can remain safe while interacting with the dog.

1.) Do not be the first one to approach the dog, allow her to approach you. Most dogs will not react well to a strange person approaching them and therefore it is best to not rush towards the animal when you first arrive. Your best bet will be to gently reach out your hand and allow the dog to approach you and sniff you on her own terms so that she can get comfortable with you before you begin to pet the animal.

2.) Remain calm and be relaxed around the dog. Dogs can sense when a person is stressed out and it tends to stress the animal out as well. A stressed out dog will not be a gentle dog if she perceives a threat. While you may not be intending to be threatening in anyway toward the dog, if you are stressed out she will feel that and may become more aggressive and protective of her owners.

3.) Keep yourself from roughhousing with the dog. While many dogs like to jump up on new people or get a nice hearty bell rub, this is not the best move for you when you’ve first met the animal. Ask the dog’s owner if it is ok to pet her and once you’re given the green light then start petting the dog gently and calmly so she can become familiar with you.

4.) Be sure to avoid crowding the animal when you’re around. If the room is crowded with people you may want to skip any interaction until it becomes a little less crowded. If you are able to get some space and be with the dog calmly you will be positioning yourself to be successful when petting the dog.

There is an extra joy that comes when you can meet a new dog for the first time around the holidays. There is something so familiar about getting to know an animal while music is playing and friends and family are mingling. If you approach the animal with care and with caution you will likely make a friend for life and avoid a New Haven dog bite injury from ruining your visit. Dogs don’t mean any harm and when you can give them the proper treatment while visiting with them you will likely be able to have a wonderful interaction with them throughout the holiday season.

If you do go visit a new animal and she/he bites you, you may need to seek representation for your situation. Contact our office and our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.