Don’t Let The Halloween Horror Of A DUI Arrest Get You!

October 30, 2022
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There is a lot of fun to be had on Halloween night.  Heading out with friends in silly or sexy costumes can make anyone get a little excited for an evening of childlike adult behavior, but don’t get fooled into thinking you’re invincible like you may have once thought when you were a kid.  In fact New Haven DUI arrests are likely to go up on the night of Halloween as they often do around other holidays as well.   In fact, holidays are not only when more people are on the roads late at night having had a few more drinks than they otherwise normally would, they are also the nights when police often step up their enforcement of these behaviors.

Going out and having a great time on Halloween night is one of the great pleasures of adulthood, but making sure you do it safely and without getting into any trouble is also what adulthood is all about.  So, how can you make it a night you’ll never forget for all the good reasons and none of the bad?  Follow all of the steps below so that you can have the night of your life while scaring your friends and co-workers without injuring anyone or damaging your reputation the next day.

1.) Don’t overdo it.  Spending a night out, especially one that starts a little earlier than most, can be a recipe for drinking a few too many drinks and not realizing just how drunk you are feeling at the moment that it is time to go home.  Keep tabs on what and how much you are drinking and if you know you have had too many drinks, slow down and begin drinking water.

2.) Don’t get behind the wheel under any circumstances.  If you’ve been drinking at a Halloween party you will want to avoid getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and there is no circumstance in which you should drive.  It may be tempting because your ride home is short or you aren’t out that late, but no reason is a good reason to drive after you’ve been drinking.

3.) Install a ride share app like Uber before you go.  If you have Uber or another ride sharing app on your phone you will have easy access to it to get a ride home from where you are on Halloween night.  It may cost you a few bucks, but it will keep you safe and sound and also help you avoid getting into some serious hot water as there is an increased police presence on Halloween night and most holidays.

4.) Designate a driver.  The safest and most fool proof plan to allow you to enjoy Halloween while drinking and still get home safely is to designate a friend who is with your group to be the one that drives home.  You may get lucky and have a friend who doesn’t like to drink, but barring that you will need to plan this ahead of time and make sure whoever gets chosen as the designated driver is taken care of throughout the night with food and drinks picked up by the rest of the group.  After all, the designated driver is providing a life saving service to you all.

Having a party or going out on Halloween is one of the things that makes the night so special, but it can also be dangerous if you do not drink responsibly.   Part of making sure you are drinking responsibly is to follow the steps above to avoid a New Haven DUI arrest and get home safely.  Whoever you are out with that night make sure you all discuss the responsibility and make a good plan to get yourselves to and from your destination with no incidents.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you may need an attorney for your DUI defense you can contact our office and one of our attorneys who has experience with these types of situations can speak with you about your particular situation.