Don’t Let Your Trip To The Beach Turn Into A Nightmare

July 9, 2022
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Living on the Connecticut shoreline there is no shortage of fun to be had at one of our area beaches.  As you’re piling your family and friends into the car, be sure you are prepared to take precautions so that your beach outing doesn’t turn into a nightmare that might include a New Haven auto accident.

You may not think about it before you head out, but there are quite a few hazards that could pop up and cause your beach day to go from sunny to sad in a blink of an eye.  Being aware of these hazards is not going to completely protect you from any dangers that you might face, but you can certainly work to limit these hazards on your trip to the beach.

Spend time before you head out thinking about ways that you can avoid these hazards and your beach day will be a fun activity instead of a dangerous outing.

1.) Do not overpack the car.  There are iconic photos of overpacked cars where people can’t see out of the back window which are often viewed as quirky or funny, but they can be a serious hazard.  An overpacked car will limit your visibility as your are driving to the beach and will make it difficult to turn or back-up safely.  If what you’re packing in your car is blocking your rear-view mirror, you have packed your car too much.

2.) Only travel with the right capacity for your vehicle.  With parking costs high, it may be tempting to pile a few extra people into your car for the ride to the beach so you only have to pay for parking for one car, but this can be really dangerous.  You should only have the number of people riding in your vehicle that you have seat belts for, this is the safest way to travel.  An overcrowded car can lead to distractions for the driver and also more serious injuries in the event of an accident.

3.) Slow down.  This rule of thumb, of course applies to driving at any time, but especially when you are traveling to an area of your city or town where there will be a lot of people and traffic.  Going too fast can lead to dangerous situations where you may get injured or find yourself injuring someone else.  You may not even wish to drive the speed limit in some cases and opt to go even slower then what the posted limit suggests.

Heading to the beach is often fun and exciting for families and friends, but if a trip to the beach ends up turning into a New Haven auto accident it could quickly become a nightmare.  There is nothing that would make a beach day a real bummer more then getting into an accident before you even sink your feet into the sand.

Accidents can happen and if it happens to you while you’re on the way to an area beach you may wish to speak with an experienced attorney.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you about your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.