Driving Around New Haven? Watch Out For These Winter Driving Hazards

March 21, 2017
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Yesterday might have been the first day of spring, but as New Haven auto accident attorneys, we still see a lot of winter driving hazards throughout the city. Whether you are a city driver or a pedestrian, there are still signs of winter driving hazards.

Black ice. Even though the daytime temperature are reaching the 40s and 50s, overnight low temperatures are still creating black ice in the mornings. If you are driving, please be mindful of these patches on New Haven streets. If you are a pedestrian, watch out for these patches when walking on sidewalks or streets. If you slip and fall on a sidewalk, contact our office immediately. If you are injured on city property, in many cases you only have 90 days to file your claim.

Snow mounds. The snow storm from last week did not drop as much snow as was predicted, but it still dropped enough that has created giant snow mounds around the city. Take extra caution when you are driving to see around these mounds for on-coming traffic and pedestrians. Pedestrians and bicyclists should do the same.

If you were injured, call our New Haven auto accident attorneys. Our team of attorneys has been advocating for shoreline residents for over 50 years. We know the insurance company’s tricks and can help you build our case. Contact our office to schedule your free consultation.

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