Driving During COVID-19 Can Have Unintended Issues

February 26, 2021
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When driving along Connecticut’s roads you may find yourself under the best of circumstances feeling some anxiety which can get in the way of you driving safely.  This can create an increased danger of a New Haven auto accident. While this can happen during “normal” times, it has become increasingly more common during COVID-19 as the stresses of the pandemic continue to weigh on the minds of all drivers.

There are two reasons why anxiety has developed for drivers who otherwise may not be affected by it under normal circumstances.  The first reason is called “rumination.”  Rumination refers to what happens when your mind wonders and is distracted by the stresses of the pandemic.  If you are driving along and your mind is off somewhere with loved ones who may be battling the illness or you’re thinking about someone in your life that has passed due to the pandemic then you may be experiencing rumination while driving.  This type of mental distraction can present a risk to your safety and is hard to sort through.

If you are experiencing rumination while driving there are not many things you can do.  However, it is recommended that you pull over and gather your thoughts before continuing on your drive.  If you are driving with others, it may be a good time to pull over and ask someone else to drive.  There is no shame in having your mind wander due to the issues of COVID-19 and admitting that you are struggling to pay attention while driving.

The other way anxiety has manifested itself during the pandemic is in those who traditionally take public transportation to work and have decided to drive instead.  This requires those who typically don’t drive during heavy commute times to be on the road.  This, in and of itself can cause anxiety among the best of drivers, but for those that are not usually out on the road during drive times it can be even more anxiety inducing.

Anyone that has chosen to skip public transportation during the pandemic don’t have many options, but there are some things you can do to minimize your anxiety.  The first thing you can do is to drive at off times.  If your work can offer you some flexibility, hitting the road and different times then most will limit your exposure to heavy traffic which can cause anxiety.  The other thing you can do is you can find a trusted co-worker who you can commute with so you have company which will reduce anxiety.  Limit your exposure to the virus by wearing masks on your commute.

If you are anxious about COVID-19 when driving and are worried that it may result in a New Haven auto accident, you are not alone.  There are some things you can do to protect yourself and stay safe.

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