Electric Vehicles May Increase The Risk Of A New Haven Pedestrian Accident

March 28, 2024
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The emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) in recent years is leading to some concerns over their safety and how they may impact the risk of a New Haven pedestrian accident. There is limited data on the risks that these vehicles present to pedestrians, but some people are concerned that there will be a learning curve for pedestrians as they get acquainted with the differences that EVs present as opposed to gas-powered vehicles.

Many people believe that EVs are a large part of the solution to climate change and that we should fast track the manufacturing and roll out of these vehicles and limit the number of gas-powered vehicles that are being sold in Connecticut. State legislators and the Governor of Connecticut have expressed an interest in mandating the sale of electric vehicles and the reduction of sales of gas-powered vehicles but have faced some significant push back. However, this is a stated goal of those who hold power in Connecticut and therefore will likely be a part of our future.

With that in mind, it is important for all of us to get comfortable living with these vehicles and understanding the differences that they present. When you’re out for a walk or run through the city you may not have given it two thoughts whether the car that is approaching is an EV or a gas-powered vehicles, but as more and more EVs make their way onto our roads you will have to have a better understanding of how that might impact you as a pedestrian.

Generally speaking an EV will have lower actual pollution than a gas-powered vehicle and it will also have lower noise pollution. In many ways, this is good for the city as a whole. However, taken into context of being a pedestrian this could cause some areas of concern. If you’ve ever interacted with an EV you know that they are extremely quiet compared to gas-powered vehicles and it is to the point where you may not even hear them coming. If you’re about cross a street and you aren’t able to hear a vehicle coming this could present serious safety concerns for you.

The fact that EVs do not emit sound like a gas-powered vehicle has left some safety experts calling for the manufacturers of these vehicles to implement fake engine noise in all future vehicles. The argument here is that if the vehicles make noise it will be safer for pedestrians because they will be able to hear the vehicles coming, just like they can currently with gas-powered vehicles. This idea has taken hold in Europe and other parts of the world, but it has not been something that has been widely advocated for here in the United States, yet.

When an EV cannot be heard it can put you, as a pedestrian at greater risk because being a pedestrian requires that your senses be tuned in to the world around you and that includes your ability to hear. If you’re not able to hear a vehicle coming, you are much more likely to be blindsided by it.

Another area of concern for safety experts around EVs and their impact on pedestrians is the weight of these vehicles. With the battery packs that power EVs they can be significantly heavier then gas-powered vehicles and if this is the case, on impact, they can be much more dangerous then getting struck by a traditional vehicle. While this concern is only being raised by a few safety experts currently, the argument is taking shape and more and more safety experts are voicing concerns over this.

In the event that a New Haven pedestrian accident happens with an EV you may become injured and need assistance. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.