Fatalities From Bicycle Accidents Are At A 10 Year High

March 31, 2022
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According to the most recent statistics from the National Safety Council, there has been a recent and consistent increase in fatalities as a result of bicycle accidents in the last 10 years.  In the most recent year of record, 2019, bicycle accident fatalities were up 6%, but in the past 10 years they have risen 37% in the last 10 years.  This is an increase that should be concerning, however, there is also some good news in the statistics as well.

If you’re riding your bike around the city you need to be wearing the appropriate gear and taking the appropriate safety measures in order to avoid a New Haven bicycle accident.  In fact, the best way to avoid a fatality in a bicycle accident is to take the proper safety procedures like wearing a helmet and knowing the rules of the road before you head out.  If you do, you may be able to avoid being one of the statistics that is on the rise throughout the country.

With over 1,000 fatalities from bicycle accidents in 2019, the National Safety Council continues to remind bicycle riders and motorists of the importance of sharing the road with each other and also making sure that all are aware of the rules of the road to avoid serious, sometimes fatal accidents for the riders.

Inside the numbers of fatalities there is some positive news as well.  The study cited above indicates that nonfatal accidents have steeply declined in recent years.  In fact, the number of nonfatal incidents that were preventable has dropped a full 40% between 2010 when the number of these types of incidents was 515,861 to a staggering low of 308,864.  This is good news certainly and it means that cyclists and motorists are making sure that they are taking good care of their safety.

As the weather begins to warm it is important for all who share the road to be aware of the dangers that are presented by having more congestion on the city’s streets.  The months of June, July, August and September are by far the deadliest months in the study, with August seeing the most number of cycling fatalities.  While the summer months get all of the attention, it is important to note that even in April and May there are going to be people who are on the road that could result in New Haven bicycle accidents and as a motorist and a cyclist you should be approaching you’re driving/riding around the city with caution and care.

No matter how it happens, if you are injured in an accident and you need someone to review your case our experienced attorneys can sit with you and go over every detail to insure that your long-term interests are being met.