First Responders Struck Responding To An Accident In Cromwell

February 8, 2023
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When first responders are called to the scene of an accident they are sent to help motorists in distress, but they are also putting themselves and their safety at risk as traffic doesn’t always stop when they are working to address the incident.  Such was the case in an accident involving a state trooper and a firefighter who were responding to a rolled over vehicle in Cromwell last night.  There is no word on the severity of the injuries they sustained, but they were transported to Hartford Hospital for treatment.

This accident and other New Haven auto accidents like it are a reminder to all of us that first responders have very difficult jobs that require them to put their lives at risk every time they respond to a call.  It is for this reason that the Move Over law was enacted, to protect those who are coming to the aid of motorists in need from getting injured and needing attention themselves.

In Connecticut the Move Over law requires the following of drivers if there is a first responder tending to a vehicle on the side of the road;

1.) When approaching an emergency vehicle that is on the side of the road, slow down to below the speed limit.

2.) Address the situation and if it is safe to do so, move over to the next lane over to give the emergency responders room to do their job.

3.) Pass at a safe distance and keep space between you and other cars on the road to avoid any residual incidents.

4.) Wait until you have completely cleared the scene of the incident before returning to the lane that you were in before you drove up on the incident ahead.

While it can be challenging to a driver when approaching a vehicle that is either broken down on the side of the road or another accident that is being tended to by police officers and fire fighters, it is critical that when you are behind the wheel that you follow these steps to keep all involved safe.  Not only is it the law, but it will help you to prevent a devastating New Haven auto accident that may get you injured, but will also put the first responders that are tending to the situation at risk of injury or worse while they are just doing their job.

Accidents do happen, but if you follow the law you will be much more likely to pass a broken down vehicle with ease and without incident.  If you do however get into an accident and get injured or injure someone else you may need to speak with an experienced attorney.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you about your particular situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.