Five Damages You May Be Eligible For In A New Haven Dog Bite Case

October 24, 2020
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With more and more people out and about on the streets of the city, there are more and more dogs along for the walk.  This opens up passersby to the dangers of a dog bite injury.  In Connecticut, dog bites are considered strict liability and so no matter the dog’s owner mental state or intent, they can still be held liable for any damage that their dog does to you if you are bitten.  There are exceptions to this, but they are few.

Whether you are out on the streets of the city or visiting a neighborhood where dogs are outside with or without supervision you need to be aware that dogs are animals that are unpredictable and should be treated that way.  However, through no fault of your own it is possible that you get bitten by a dog which can lead to some serious injuries.

If you were to be bitten by a dog you can seek damages that include the following:

While you should never approach an unknown dog, nor should you taunt a dog, in the event that you are bitten you are entitled to receive damages to recover from any injuries, physical or mental, that result.

If you or your loved one was injured by a New Haven dog bite, contact our office and we will review your case.