Here’s The First Step To Avoid A New Haven Motorcycle Accident

February 9, 2024
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This past winter has been one of the snowiest of the last few years. Even though we only had a couple storms that resulted in an accumulating snow it was the first winter in a few years that even saw any of the white stuff gather on our streets and sidewalks. For that reason, you probably have not been able to get your motorcycle out for a ride in a few months. That is why it is so important to take steps to make sure that when you do finally get to get out and ride your motorcycle is as safe as it can be and you are able to avoid getting into a New Haven motorcycle accident.

The good news is that the warmer weather is coming and the streets are starting to lose their snow cover so it’s almost that time of the year where you can get out for your first ride of the spring. Is there anything like the first ride of the spring? Now is the time to do your first pass of safety checks for your motorcycle so you can make sure that everything is in tip top order so you can get out and ride as soon as the weather allows.

If you’re planning on getting out sooner rather than later you may want to start out with a visual inspection of your motorcycle. This type of once over will allow you to look at your entire bike and determine if there will be any need for repairs before you get out and ride for the first time this spring. The good news is, you don’t have to be a motorcycle mechanic to know what to look for and this type of inspection should only really take between 10-15 minutes and you’ll have a clear idea of whether or not your motorcycle is ready for the first ride of the season.

A visual inspection is exactly what the name suggests, in a well-lit room (if you’re doing this in a garage you may need to add some lighting to make sure you have good visibility) you will want to stand your motorcycle up, take the cover off and inspect all of the mechanical equipment. This is not meant to be an exhaustive inspection, but an initial inspection so you can notice major issues that are coming up as the result of the bike sitting for a long period of time without getting out on the road. Some of the things you should be inspecting and noting include, but are not limited to the following;

1.) Leaks. Looking for leaks is a simple thing you can do without taking any parts off the bike or even starting the engine. You will want to inspect for leaks of engine oil, brake fluid, coolant and fork oil. A key indicator that you have a drip or leak would be a puddle or discoloration on the ground around the bike. You can also look for signs of dampness or discoloration around components of the bike that might also indicate the possibility that there is a leak occuring.

2.) Your tires. An important component of any motorcycle is to be riding on safe tires. A thorough visual inspection of your motorcycle tires can go a long way in informing you as to whether or not they are ready to ride on in the coming months. You should be paying close attention to cracks, cuts, bulges or uneven wear patterns on your tires. If you see any of these issues you may need to seek out a new set of tires or get your current set repaired before you hit the road.

3.) Brakes. While there are some areas of your brakes that may not be visible to you just by looking, you can check the thickness of the brake pads to determine whether they are at the proper thickness. You may need to consult a mechanic on this if you are not sure what a proper thickness is on your brake pads. However, if you notice extreme wear and tear or they appear to be particularly thin you should be better safe than sorry and get them adjusted or replaced.

4.) Chain or belt inspection. Whether you have a chain or a belt on your motorcycle you can visually inspect it for rust, dirt or excessive wear. If you discover any of these conditions you may need to seek some assistance in either cleaning the chain or belt or having it replaced. Just like with your brakes you will want to lean on the side of safety so if there is any question in your mind that there may be some issues you will want to make sure you have it looked at by an expert.

A visual inspection can be something you do before you do a full on inspection of your motorcycle so you can get ahead of any problems that may exist from having your bike sit for the winter months. If your inspection doesn’t turn anything up you may want to still have a mechanic look your bike over to make sure it is ready to ride and won’t put you in any situations that may cause you to get into a New Haven motorcycle accident and leave you injured on your first few rides of the spring.

Whether you are preparing your vehicle to get it ready for the spring or you’re already out for a ride you may be in a situation where you get injured from an accident. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.