Home For The Holidays: Parents Need To Check In On Their Young Adults To Keep Them Safe

November 22, 2023
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It’s an age old ritual that dates back many years. Especially in the first year that a young adult goes off to college and then turns around and comes home over Thanksgiving break, it is important that they are provided appropriate guardrails when they return so they do not get into a situation where they are hurt as a result of a New Haven auto accident.

How much supervision a young adult returning home from their first semester in college may need around the Thanksgiving weekend can be difficult to discern for parents who are trying to balance independence with keeping their loved one safe. It can be a difficult decision for those who are interested in a young adult’s safety, but it can also be an important decision that could save a life.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a big day for those returning from college back to their home towns to visit with old friends and reminisce about the “good old days.” These gatherings often occur at a private home and sometimes they are a gathering at a local restaurant or hang out spot. As kids continue to experiment with drugs and alcohol there is often drinking and drugging happening at these gatherings as well, so it is important that all in attendance are making good choices.

So, how do you, as a concerned and caring parent, show your young adult your concern without being considered “over-bearing?” You can take the following steps to show your concern and then let your loved one go out on their own and rely on their own decisions.

Step #1: Talk with your child. When they get home from college they may need some space to decompress, but before they head out for the evening, just have a simple conversation with them. You will have to gauge how deep you want to dig into what their plans are, but at the very least you should remind them that it is ok to call you for help, if it is needed and that they should do their best to make good decisions while they are out.

Step #2: Provide them with resources. If your child uses a ride share service, why not add some money to their balance so they can get home safely, even after a long night of celebrating. You can take a few minutes and give them the money they may not have so if they get into trouble they have a way to get home without feeling like they are running to their parents for help. Kids at this age need the independence, but there is also subtle help you can provide for them that will allow them to remain safe without feeling like they are leaning on you too heavily.

Step #3: Don’t wait up. Remember that independence piece that kids at this age are so desperately seeking? If your child is at college they are already making decisions on their own, so let them do that when they are at your house as well. Remind them that when they do get home the house will be quiet and they should be too, but that you will not be waiting up for them because you trust them and respect their privacy.

During this first visit back home after being in college for a few months it can be important to set the tone for how you will be treating your child as they continue to mature into adulthood. It can be tempting to set out a ton of rules and make it difficult on them when they are home, but that will likely just push them away. If you show trust and respect they will likely make the good choices that will help them avoid a New Haven auto accident and arrive back at your home safely and without incident.

All of us here at the Loricco Law Firm wish you and your maturing kids a safe and healthy holiday weekend.