Hot Weather Can Lead To More New Haven Dog Bite Injuries

June 15, 2021
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The city of New Haven hasn’t seen temperatures like this in the second week of June since the 90s and we are all feeling it.  You can sense it among the people walking around the city that the heat is getting to us all already.  It’s important to remember that as we get more agitated by the heat, so too may your dogs.  An overheated pet can become agitated and will be more likely to give strangers a New Haven dog bite injury.

Too often when the heat turns up over the summer we tend to only focus on keeping ourselves hydrated and what the heats means to us, but we can’t forget our furry friends who are also affected by the heat.  Dogs who may be friendly with strangers under normal circumstances may become more aggressive towards strangers.  We are not helpless in this battle to keep our K9 friends happy during a heat wave, in fact there are some very practical things we can do to make sure that they are taken care of during these hot stretches of weather.  When taking care of your pooch over the summer you should;

  1. Never walk your dog during the hottest part of the day.  Keep walks to early mornings or evenings after the hot sun of the day has subsided
  2. If outside, make sure your dog has a shaded places to spend his/her time
  3. Ensure that your dog is getting enough water and always has a full bowl to stay hydrated
  4. Avoid hot surfaces so your dogs paws are not injured or burned
  5. If you are inside and do not have air conditioning, direct a fan towards your pup so he/she can be cooled as well

Dogs aren’t too far off from humans when it comes to being hot.  We all, including our K9 friends want to be comfortable and cool even as the temperatures soar.  Helping your dog stay cool will allow him/her to keep a cool head and avoid getting into any situations where he/she might cause a New Haven dog bite injury.  Along with keeping your dog cool you may want to avoid introducing any strangers into his/her life during the hottest times of the year as this is additional agitation that could cause trouble.

As the summer months continue to heat up you will want to do what you can to keep your dog comfortable and if you are ever injured by a dog you may need an experienced attorney to review your case.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys may be able to help.