How Long Should You Leave A Crack In Your Windshield Before Getting It Fixed?

October 8, 2022
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From time to time it does happen.  A stray rock flies up onto your windshield while you’re driving down the road and puts a nick in the glass.  It may startle you and leave you feeling a little uneasy in that moment, but it will likely not be a concern of being the cause of getting into a New Haven auto accident.

It may not seem like this small crack on your windshield will need to be addressed immediately, but truth be told a small crack can turn into a hazard quite quickly.  There are many services that will come out to your home or office and change out your windshield quickly and easily without much hassle, so you won’t even have to be without your car for very long.

So, why wait?

One of the main reasons people wait to get their windshields repaired is it is often not something that is covered immediately by insurance.  Trying to prove to your insurance company that a small crack on your windshield is a concern can be an uphill climb.  The problem with this is that even a small crack in your windshield can lead to bigger issues and affect your visibility quickly and while insurance companies may not see it is an immediate concern it can become an immediate concern overnight.

How long should you leave a crack in your windshield before getting it fixed?

The short answer is, you shouldn’t wait.  If you are able to get your windshield fixed immediately you should do so.  Leaving the crack to turn into a larger crack and a visibility issue can become a serious problem and you never know when the crack is going to worsen.  If it worsens at a time when you are driving it can become a really serious issue and cause you to get into an accident due to low visibility.

If you don’t have the means to get your windshield fixed immediately you may have to wait, but if you do have to wait, make sure that if it worsens you get it fixed.  A small crack in your windshield may not be a major visibility concern, but if it worsens you could run into a situation where you can no longer see around the crack and it could leave you with difficulty seeing the road or vehicles ahead of you.  Avoiding getting it fixed may cost you more down the road then if you were to just get it fixed when the crack slightly worsens.

There is no guarantee when or where a small crack in your windshield will get worse and put you in a situation where you visibility is low and you wind up in a New Haven auto accident.  The worsening of a crack could happen two weeks after the initial incident or two months or two years, you just never know.  Taking care of the issue as soon as you possible can will eliminate the unknown and allow you to breath easier as you drive along, knowing that your windshield is in good shape.

It doesn’t matter what shape your car is in, if you get into an accident and are injured you may need to speak with an experienced attorney who can review your situation and speak with you about how to protect your long-term interests.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will be happy to speak with you.