How To Avoid A New Haven Pedestrian Accident In A Parking Lot During Holiday Shopping

December 20, 2020
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There may be less traffic when you’re out and about this holiday shopping season, but parking lots, no matter how busy they are, can be really busy and treacherous places for pedestrians.  New Haven pedestrian accidents are bound to happen during the holiday shopping season in parking lots in and around the city and many can become dangerous.  It is important to take steps to protect yourself when you’re shopping so you can get what you need, but arrive home safely.

Whether you’re in a car or walking through a parking lot you should always be alert and aware of your surroundings.  As a pedestrian you will want to take extra steps to protect your safety and not go toe to toe with a car or SUV in the parking lot of your favorite store this holiday season.  Here are some steps that are recommended by AAA Northeast to keep you safe when shopping.

  1. Walk in well-lit areas.  The most dangerous parts of a parking lot or parking garage are those that are not lit well.
  2. Wear bright clothing.  Sure festive colors might look nice, but they are not as safe as wearing a bright color so you stand out to cars and other vehicles.
  3. Keep your cellphone in your pocket.  Of course you’ve heard about distracted driving, but distracted walking is also a thing and you should avoid it at all costs.
  4. Use sidewalks and crosswalks when you can.  Drivers are more aware of you as a pedestrian if you are in designated safe spaces like sidewalks and crosswalks.

Holiday shopping can be fun and exciting, especially when you find just the right gift for that special someone, but if you find yourself in danger of being injured in a New Haven pedestrian accident it can dampen your holiday spirit and worse yet set you up for a long term injury.

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of an accident in a parking lot or parking garage during the holiday shopping season or any other time during the year, contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case.