How To Avoid Injuries When Attending A New Year’s Eve Party

December 29, 2023
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One of the best things about this time of year is the celebrations you may have at your home or attend at a friend or family member’s home. Even if you don’t celebrate one of the holidays in December you may still be interested in attending a New Year’s Eve party. If you are planning on attending a New Year’s Eve party there are many things that can happen at the party that could put you at risk of an injury. You may not want to start the new year off having to worry about filing a New Haven personal injury claim so you will want to attend the party but stay safe while you do so.

Whether you’re traveling a long distance to your New Year’s Eve party or just around the corner one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you are planning ahead to keep yourself and your friends safe. If you have the opportunity to think ahead and make some plans you will have a much better time avoiding injuries of all kinds when you go to the party. Think about the following things that you may want to plan ahead so you’re ready to have a good time, safely.

1.) Transportation. This is a no brainer and with so many different options at your disposal these days you can easily get your transportation lined up before you go. If you don’t want to make yourself tied to a particular time you can, at the very least, make sure you have an app on your phone for a ride share service so that when it is time to go for the night you can use it quickly and easily to get home safely, even if you’ve been drinking or doing drugs.

2.) Think about your clothes and how they might affect your ability to stay safe. Most people only consider what their outfit will look like, but after you consider the fashion you should also consider the function of your outfit. You will want to make sure your shoes are comfortable and OK for you to spend the night in, especially if you’re going to be on your feet all night. Wearing heels may look nice, but they can also be a hazard. Beyond your footwear you will want to make sure you are not wearing too much loose fitting clothing that could get stuck in something and cause you to get into an accident while walking around the party.

3.) Set and stick to your limits. This can be something you do quietly and without anyone else noticing, but if you set yourself a personal limit on the amount of alcohol you’re planning on consuming, then once you get to the party you’ll have a plan as to how to follow through and only consume the amount of alcohol you previously decided was your limit.

Preparation can be the key to having a happy and safe new year, but the safety doesn’t stop there. Once you’re at the party you will want to take certain steps as well to make sure you are keeping yourself safe and free of a New Haven personal injury situation. While at the party you will want to watch where you are walking so you can avoid any hazards that might cause you to slip or fall at the party. Listen to your body. Even if you’ve made a plan on how much alcohol you’re going to consume that may change when you get to the party if you are fixed a stiffer drink then you expected or you haven’t eaten enough food, your level of drunkenness might increase based on these factors. Finally, make sure you are eating while at the party. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is one sure fire way to have the alcohol impact your ability to make rational decisions.

From all of us here at the Loricco Law Firm we wish you a safe and happy new year. Cheers to you in 2024!!