How To Safely Get The Most Candy On Halloween

October 27, 2023
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It’s almost time. You’ve picked out the perfect costume. You’ve gathered your crew of friends together. You’ve got a great candy bag. You’re ready to rock and roll and go out there and get the most candy you can possibly get from your neighbors. The night of Halloween is such a fun and exciting one that you’re bursting with energy and when it finally comes time to go to the first door and ring the doorbell it’s like you’ve been shot out of a cannon. You’re ready!! Ding, dong, trick or treat!

The excitement among all kids is palpable as the calendar leads up to Halloween and when the night comes they can be so determined to get out there and get the most candy they can possibly get, they throw caution to the wind and maybe make some safety mistakes. These missteps could be mild and harmless or they could result in a New Haven auto accident that could seriously injure your little pumpkin and end the night in a frightening way.

Much of the responsibility of keeping your children safe falls on you, but it also falls on those who are sharing the road with your ghouls and goblins, which we detailed here. You can do your part to remind your little ones of some of the steps they can take to keep themselves safe, especially if you will not be walking around with them. Depending on their age, trick or treating without your parents is a right of passage and one that most certainly will leave you a pile of nerves, but assuming you’ve prepared your kids with the proper information, they will be just fine and you will be counting their peanut butter cups in no time.

So, what should kids do to get more candy and stay safe?

1.) Walk, don’t run. You may be thinking to yourself, walk? That’s not fun on Halloween night. Take our word for it this is the best way to get the most candy. First of all, walking is safer. Secondly, when you walk you are much less likely to drop things and have your costume get damaged. Think about how much time you have wasted over the years between doors picking up things you have dropped or trying to fix issues with your costume. If you had simply walked from house to house you would be able to get all the candy without all of the hassle that comes along with running.

2.) Be careful when you’re crossing the street and do so at a well-lit intersection. When you cross the street and there are no lights you are putting yourself at risk of getting injured by an on-coming car. This will put an end to your candy gathering fast. If you take the appropriate steps and cross at a well-lit intersection you’ll be at your next house trick or treating in no time and you’ll be leaving the candy collecting competition in the dust.

3.) If you have to cross a particularly busy street to get to a house, skip it. We know, maybe their the house that gives out the big giant candy bars, but they are also in a spot that could put you in danger of ending your night. Take the time you would take to cross that busy street and walk all the way up to that house to add two or three additional houses to your route that are easy to get to. This will make up for the lost candy and keep you safe from putting yourself at risk of getting injured.

The candy collection competition is real around Halloween. We know you want to get as much candy as you possibly can while you’re trick or treating. Our best advice to you is to do it safely and carefully and you’ll have plenty of time to get that bag filled to the brim. If you are reckless you could wind up in a New Haven auto accident and be in a situation where you are injured and have completely ruined any chances of getting more candy that night or any night in the near future.

We can’t wait to see all the ghouls and goblins out trick or treating around the Elm City. Happy Halloween from all of us at the Loricco Law Firm.