How Trees Get Involved In New Haven Auto Accidents

August 30, 2022
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When you first hear about someone running into a tree you may think to yourself, how is that even possible.  The truth of the matter is that running into a tree or any inanimate object as part of a New Haven auto accident is not all that strange or unusual.  The bad news is that it can often be deadly, as in the case of this Northford man who recently ran into a tree while driving in North Haven.  The good news is that accidents with inanimate objects can also be somewhat easily preventable.

Drivers who find themselves injured after an accident with an inanimate object are often not entirely sure how the accident happened because at the time they became out of control and did not have rationality about their space or surroundings.  These accidents don’t always happen due to gross negligence on the part of the driver and sometimes they are not the result of one factor alone.  There can be multiple factors at play.  For instance, a driver may have to swerve out of her/his lane due to on-coming traffic or an animal in the road and that may suddenly put the car in a tailspin that could result in the car going out of control and hitting an inanimate object.  This is just one among many situations where it may not be the fault of the driver.

The important thing to note is that no matter whose fault an accident happens to be, they can be prevented and there are steps you can take as a driver to make an accident like this less likely to happen.  Here are some of those steps.

1.) Slow down.  The most important thing you can do to keep yourself safe in any situation is to slow down.  Excessive speed is often the cause of accidents and when an accident does happen excessive speed can make the severity of the accident higher.

2.) Play close attention to the road ahead of you.  Is there a sharp turn?  Is it a wooded area where an animal might jut out in front of your vehicle?  What other obstacles may be in your way as you’re traveling down the road?  Paying very close attention to the road ahead of you can allow you to drive defensively and avoid getting into an accident.

3.) Skip driving at night.  It can be hard to not drive at night and especially with the seasons changing in the coming days and weeks you will find yourself on the road when it is dark out more and more frequently, but if you can avoid driving at night, do so.

4.) Reduce or eliminate distractions.  A distraction can be anything from your cellphone to your drive-thru food order or your friend who is sitting in the passenger seat of the car.  If you eliminate as many distractions as you can you will be more focused and you will reduce your risk of getting into an accident with an inanimate object.

When you are driving there are so many hazards that you might not even consider that they aren’t on-coming traffic and could result in a New Haven auto accident.  Following the above rules will help keep you safe and avoid any hazards that could lead to an accident and an injury.  If you are driving in the city you need to be well aware of all the risks around you so you can keep yourself and other drivers on the road safe.

If you do find yourself in an accident with an inanimate object you may need to speak with an experienced attorney who can review your case.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you and work to help protect your long-term interests.