Keeping Your Dog And Yourself Safe From A New Haven Auto Accident

August 27, 2022
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A recent incident in Tennessee is shedding some light on the dangers of allowing your dog to be off it’s leash, especially around traffic.  A 33-year old man was killed after chasing his dog into on-coming traffic.  By all accounts, the driver who hit and killed the man was driving lawfully down the road when the pedestrian stepped into the road and was struck.  This dangerous scenario could have been prevented if the dog had been kept on it’s leash and the man had been able to keep him out of harms way before entering the traffic.

When you’re in rural Tennessee there may be less traffic and fewer chances that something like this fluke accident will happen, but when you’re on the streets of the city of New Haven, there is a greater risk, especially if your dog is off it’s leash that the dog or you, the owner, could find yourself injured or killed in a New Haven auto accident.  While there may be options for dogs to run loose in rural areas, in a crowded city like New Haven, there need to be safeguards put in place so an animal getting loose does not cause an accident where a man dies trying to save his pet from danger.

Here are some things you can do to make sure this situation does not occur to you and your dog while living in New Haven.

1.) Always keep your dog on a leash.  This may seem like common sense, but there are times where people want to let their dogs run free, but in a city, that can be the difference between a dangerous situation and not.

2.) If you are able to have a pet and a backyard, make sure your backyard is completely fenced in.  A fenced in backyard can be a lifesaver as it will give your dog the ability to roam free without being on a leash and that can be a lifesaver for you and for your dog.

3.) Never leave a child in charge of your dog.  While it can be tempting to tell your son or daughter to keep an eye on the dog while you run to the mailbox or somewhere else, they may not have the responsibility for that yet and a dog could easily escape and get into some traffic.

In a city like New Haven it will only take a split second for you to turn your back and your dog to get loose.  A loose pet running through the streets is a recipe for a New Haven auto accident and could lead to devastating impacts for your animal or for you.  If you follow these rules above and overall make sure you are a responsible pet owner you can keep your dog and you safe.

Getting injured in an auto accident can be scary and may require you to seek medical attention.  Once you have been seen, you may need an experienced attorney to review your case.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will work with you to protect your long-term interests.