Lighter Holiday Traffic Doesn’t Mean Safer Roads

November 30, 2020
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Holiday travel often sees roads crowded with cars and even though travel this year is going to be lighter then usual, AAA is warning that that does not mean that the roads will be any safer, in fact, in some instances, the chances for a New Haven auto accident increase when there are less people on them.

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that there is an equal amount or even greater risk of accidents on the roads when traffic volume is down, but it appears to be the case.  As holiday travel continues to decrease this season, it is important to understand why.  AAA reminds us of a few reasons;

  1. Fewer cars on the road often lead to higher speeds.  This was true during the height of the pandemic lock down in early spring of 2020 when studies showed that fewer people on the roads led to higher speeds and it will likely be true during holiday travel this year.
  2. Less cars on the road often lead people into a fall sense of security which can leave them more likely to be distracted.  Being distracted while driving is one of the deadliest things that you can do.
  3. A smaller police presence.  When there are fewer cars on the road there are generally less police patrolling the streets which can lead to trouble if you find yourself in need of an officer to assist you.

AAA anticipates that 95% of all holiday travel this year will be in cars as most people are turning to road trips instead of long flights.  This will mean that while the volume of traffic will be down there will still be plenty of chances to be involved in a New Haven auto accident.

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