May Kicks Off National Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 1, 2022
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The start of a new calendar month means another month to bring awareness to the world around us.  This month we are talking all about motorcycles and how these incredible vehicles can make our world a better place in a safe way.  The first step to enjoying motorcycle riding is to do it safely and avoid any New Haven motorcycle accident.

One of the best things about the spring and summer months is the fact that they present, generally, the perfect riding conditions for getting out on your motorcycle and exploring the area that you live or even beyond that.  Motorcycles offer a unique way to see the world and get up close and personal with the world around you.  If you’re hitting the road on your motorcycle for your first ride or your hundredth ride you will want to do it in a safe way to keep yourself from being injured.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you swing your leg over the saddle and hop on your ride to the open road.

1.) The most important piece of clothing you can wear while riding is a helmet.  While there is no law for adults wearing a helmet in the state of Connecticut, we highly recommend wearing one so you can keep yourself safely riding for days, weeks, and months to come.  A helmet will allow you, in many cases, to walk away from an accident that you otherwise might not have been able to walk away from.  You’ll be jumping back on your motorcycle for a ride again in no time.

2.) Check your signals on your bike.  Just as you would when driving a car you will want to make sure your turn signals and your brake lights are working properly while you’re riding your motorcycle.  See if you can get a buddy to help you check that these lights are working.  If your bike has sat for a few months during the winter it is possible that something has gone off a little bit on your brake lights or turn signals and they may not be working.  If they are not working you will want to get them fixed immediately before you head out for a drive.

3.) Tire treads.  One of the most important things we recommend to drivers of a four wheel vehicle is to check the tire pressure and treads on your tires as the seasons change.  It makes sense that if you are driving on just two tires you will want to do the same.  Make sure the treads are solid and your tire pressure is at the recommended pressure for your vehicle so you can stay safe when riding.  Your tire pressure can fluctuate due to changes in temperature so you may want to check it periodically throughout the summer months.

There is nothing like getting your motorcycle out on the road for the first time each season and doing it safely can insure that you are not going to get into a New Haven motorcycle accident or that you will at least significantly reduce your chances of getting into one.  As we kick off National Motorcycle Awareness Month make sure you are riding safely and are a good ambassador on the roads for the motorcycle community.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve taken all of the safety precautions, but you have still been injured in an accident you may want to speak with someone who is experienced in working with motorcycle accidents.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case and work with you to make sure your long-term interests are protected.