Most Common Locations Of New Haven Pedestrian Accidents

April 16, 2019
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New Haven pedestrian accidents occur often and everywhere often leaving the injured with a wide range of injuries. Below is the most common places pedestrian accidents occur.

  1. Crosswalks. Occurs when a pedestrian is legally in a crosswalk at the time of the accident and a vehicle fails to give pedestrians the right-of-way, striking them within the crosswalk.
  2. Parking Lot/Backover. When a vehicle is backing up, such as pulling into or out of a parking space, and strikes a pedestrian while in reverse. Back-over accidents are common in parking lots when cars may be blocking a driver’s view to the left or right and shoppers are quickly and consistently crossing the path of parked vehicles.
  3. Loss of Control. This type of accident includes sideswiping a pedestrian on a sidewalk or hitting a pedestrian after the loss of control of a vehicle. Many times such accidents can result in a pedestrian being “run-over” and trapped under the vehicle or crushed between the vehicle and another unmoving object, such as another vehicle or a building. These accidents are some of the most dangerous to the life and health of pedestrians.

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