NBA Champions, They’re Just Like Us. How A Dog Bite Injury Sidelined A Star In Denver

January 4, 2024
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If you watch professional athletes play the game they are paid to play they can sometimes seem like superheros. These incredible athletes don the uniform of the team that selected them and go out and battle in their chosen sport for victory and glory. You may not often think about what happens when they get off the court or field of play, but a recent incident involving Aaron Gordon of the Denver Nuggets may be a good reminder that these pros don’t have super powers like you might once have considered.

During the holidays, Mr. Gordon was at home celebrating with his family when he had a little too much eggnog and discovered that eggnog and the family dog didn’t mix well. After being bitten by the dog multiple times he was rushed to the hospital where he was administered twenty one stitches and sidelined from his day job of being a star on the World Champion Denver Nuggets team.

Professional athletes are often in the best shape of their lives, but no amount of weight training or cardio exercise can prepare you for the trauma that comes from being bitten by a dog. There was no timetable set for Aaron Gordon’s return to the Nuggets as it may be a long road to recovery for the veteran big man who was bitten on the face and his right shooting hand.

New Haven dog bite injuries can be scary and they can have devastating impacts on your health and well-being. It is critical that if you are planning to be around your dog or other dogs you take certain precautions to avoid being bitten and injured in the same way that this NBA superstar has been. Here are some steps you can take to avoid getting into a situation where you might get injured as the result of a dog bite.

1.) Do not approach a dog without permission from its owner. Dogs can be protective of their owners and often get aggressive if they don’t believe their owner wants them to be approached by you. This can lead to behaviors by the dog that could be dangerous to you. If you ask for permission from the owner and it is granted you can approach the dog gently and with care.

2.) Look for signs that the dog is uncomfortable or agitated and read its body language to keep yourself safe. A dogs ears might become flattened, it may begin growling or showing its teeth if it is agitated and these are good signs that you should keep your distance and allow the animal to have some space so you don’t get bitten.

3.) Keep in mind that a dog may appear friendly but the minute it feels threatened or crowded it may become agitated and become a risk. For this reason don’t over crowd a dog and certainly give it space to feel free and unencumbered by your proximity to it. Allow the dog to approach you on its own terms instead of trying to force the interaction on it.

In the case of Aaron Gordon, the professional hooper said that he had been drinking a little bit too much eggnog. Mixing alcohol consumption with dogs may become a recipe for disaster so if you are celebrating with alcohol or any other mind altering substance you may want to avoid interacting with the animal entirely. As they say, better safe then sorry.

You don’t have to know how to shoot a three pointer or dunk a basketball to be at jeopardy of getting a New Haven dog bite injury. No matter what your profession is or your expertise level you may be putting yourself, unknowingly, in harm’s way. By following the steps above you will be putting yourself and the dog in the best possible scenario to avoid any altercations. This will keep you free from injury and also allow the dog the space to stay calm and avoid any negative interactions that could lead to it being taken away.

Dog bite injuries can be complex situations and you may need an experienced attorney to review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests. Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak to you about how we may be able to help.