New Haven Area Motorcycle Accident Sheds Light On Dangers Anytime Of The Day

May 25, 2023
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A recent fatal accident in Milford involving a motorcycle and a Chevy Trailblazer was a good reminder that not all motorcycle accidents happen at night and that riding during the day presents risks as well.  There is a lot of talk about the dangers of riding a motorcycle at night and there are significant risks in doing this, but it should not be overlooked that there are risks to riding a motorcycle during the day as well, as evidenced by the recent accident in Milford.

There are many things to consider when working to avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident and stay safe on your ride.  Taking time to make sure you are riding your bike safely and without taking significant risks that could put you at danger is the best thing you can do to be able to continue to ride your bike at all times of the day and be safe while doing it.

Whether you’re a seasoned motorcycle rider or you’re just starting out you should know some things that will help keep you safe when you’re on your bike.  You may have heard about the things you can do to keep yourself safe when you’re riding, but a good reminder is always in order.

1.) Wear a helmet.  While Connecticut law does not explicitly require helmets for those riding motorcycles a helmet is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe when riding a motorcycle.  Of course, no matter how safe you are riding your bike, accidents happen and when they do a helmet will insure that the accident you are in is not worse because your exposed head hit the pavement or a nearby tree causing it to be seriously injured.  Wearing a helmet will help to reduce any impact and protect your skull from any unnecessary pressure or damage.

2.) Get a safety check on your motorcycle.  You may be able to do this on your own or if you’re not comfortable doing that you can take it in to the shop to have them do it, but you will want to make sure all of your gear is checked and performing at peak levels.  You will want to have the following items checked; your tire pressure and the treads on your tires, your brakes, your turn signals and headlights and all of the mechanical that contribute to your bike riding smoothly and without incident as you cruise down the road on a beautiful sunny day.

3.) Keep your speed down.  Excessive speed kills and this is especially true for those riding a motorcycle.  The faster you are traveling when an accident happens the more dangerous and serious the injuries may become.  You should always ride at the posted speed limit to keep yourself safe.  While it can be tempting to pick up your speed, especially on a straightaway, this is one of the most dangerous things you can do while you’re riding a motorcycle.  Ride at a safe speed and you will keep yourself and any passenger that is riding with you free from harm.

While no New Haven motorcycle accident is completely preventable there are things you can do that will keep yourself safe in the event that an accident does happen.  From the clothes and protective equipment you wear to the speed at which you’re traveling you can take steps that will greatly reduce your chances of being involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

If an accident does happen and you become injured you may need to speak with an experienced attorney.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will review your situation and work with on a strategy to protect your long-term interests.