New Haven Auto Accidents & Connecticut Cell Phone Laws

April 10, 2017
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All Connecticut licensed drivers know that there are very comprehensive laws in our state that prohibit the usage of mobile devices, including mobile phones, while operating a motor vehicle.

Motorists who engage in mobile device usage not only put themselves at risk for injury, but they also put other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on the road at risk for serious injury as well.

While state-by-state statistics are not available on distracted driving, the NHTSA reports that 20% of all accidents nationwide were caused by some distraction.

Connecticut motor vehicle operators are bound to the following laws:

Distracted driving accidents can leave victims with very serious injuries that are both short-term and life-long requiring therapies and prescription drug management. If you or your loved one was injured as the result of another driving using their cell phone while driving, contact our firm immediately. Our experienced New Haven auto accident attorneys can help you build your case.