New Haven Auto Accidents & Hydroplaning

March 23, 2020
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It felt like it has been here for a while, but it’s officially spring in New Haven. Spring brings a variety of chaotic weather patterns that can impede a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Sometimes, however, improper safety mixed with unstable weather can cause disastrous conditions. As New Haven auto accident attorneys, we’ve seen accidents affected by weather conditions where people have been seriously hurt.

Spring weather often includes rain, hail, and fog. Those weather conditions can wreak havoc on a vehicle operator’s visibility on the road. Hydroplaning is one of the most dangerous situations that happens by driving in the rain. Hydroplaning happens when a layer of water separates a vehicle’s tires from the ground. Worn tires on wet surfaces will increase the risk for hydroplaning, though it can happen at low speeds on cars, trucks or vans with brand new tires.

The first ten minutes of a downpour present the highest risk of hydroplaning.

If you or a loved one was injured after being struck by a vehicle that lost control over hydroplaning, contact our New Haven auto accident attorneys immediately.