New Haven Dog Bites: Vaccinations Matter

November 21, 2019
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When you are a New Haven homeowner, it is important to have adequate coverage on your homeowners policy. Your homeowners policy does not just protect against damage to your house, but it also covers you for liability should your pet injure another person.

Some folks are refusing to vaccinate their pets, but this could pose a public safety threat especially since some diseases dogs carry can be passed on to humans. If your dog is infected, and bites another, you would be liable for any care the injured person needed to treat and recover.

The State of Connecticut’s dog bite laws are strict liability which means the dog owner is responsible for the actions of their dog even if they are not negligent. The exceptions to this statute are if the victim was trespassing, or if the dog was being teased or taunted.

According to US Insurance Agents, the average cost of a dog bite claim is $29,000 with $470 million in annual costs to insurance companies.

If you are a pet owner, regardless of the breed of your dog, make sure you are adequately covered for this type of accident.