New Haven Pedestrian Accidents Could Increase Due To E-Scooter Ridership

October 29, 2020
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E-scooter ridership is exploding throughout the country.  On the streets and sidewalks of the city you may have seen these new vehicles zooming along at high speeds.  While they are certainly an efficient and environmentally friendly way to get around town they also come with unique challenges for city officials and riders alike.

The speed at which these vehicles travel is cause for concern that New Haven pedestrian accidents may increase.  Some municipalities are already limiting the speed at which these vehicles travel.  For instance, Washington D.C. is requiring that manufacturers limit the maximum speed of these vehicles to 10 MPH.  This is in an effort to slow them down and avoid serious injury or death for riders and pedestrians alike.  Many municipalities have limited where these vehicles can be ridden as well and prohibited them from being ridden on sidewalks.

According to a new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study, along with speed, the other factor that presents great risk to riders of e-scooters is where they are being ridden.  If a rider is following a marked bike path or other multi-use trail an accident and an injury occur just 20% of the time.  However, if a rider is racing down a sidewalk there is a 3 out of 5 chance that an injury will occur.  The study spoke with 100 riders who were hospitalized due to their injuries to learn more about the impact these vehicles are having on the safety of pedestrians throughout our cities.

How do e-scooter riders fare compared to bicyclists?  The study found that e-scooter riders were injured more per mile traveled then cyclists were, but that cyclists were more likely to be injured by a motor vehicle.

If you or a loved one have been injured by an e-scooter rider and you want an attorney to review your case, contact our office immediately.  One of our experienced attorneys will reach out and take a look at your situation.