New Haven Personal Injury: 9 Signs a Dog Is About To Bite

October 7, 2019
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Cold weather is on it’s way (eventually) and we are not the only ones enjoying the change of season. Our canine friends are also visiting parks, walking streets, and hanging outdoors and indoors with their owners. Even the most mild-mannered dogs can be aggravated enough to bite.

The Humane Society advises keeping a safe distance between yourself and the dog and keep an eye out for these nine behaviors to avoid a New Haven personal injury:

  1. Tensed body
  2. Stiff tail
  3. Furrowed brow
  4. Yawning
  5. Pulled back head and/or ears
  6. Focused stare
  7. Eyes rolling so the whites are visible
  8. Flicking tongue or licking lips
  9. Backing away

If you are in a situation where you believe a dog might bite, never turn your back and run away. The dog’s instinct will be to chase you. If you have suffered a dog bite, notify the dog’s owner and dog warden immediately and seek medical help.

Connecticut dog bite law is a strict liability statute; meaning unless you are trespassing or are taunting/teasing the dog, the dog’s owner is liable for your New Haven personal injury. Contact the attorneys at our office to get immediate help handling your case.