New Haven Personal Injury: Is Your Deck Safe?

July 5, 2020
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Summertime means warm weather and gathering with friends and family. One such place might be a backyard deck. These structures, while the perfect place for fun and conversation, can be a safety threat if not maintained or built properly. If someone is injured on your deck, you may be liable for their injuries. Here are some tips for maintaining a safe backyard deck.

  1. Decks typically have a 15 year lifespan. If your’s was built longer than that, you should get it inspected by a licensed professional.
  2. Rotting wood and termites are a big contributor to why a deck may become structurally unsound. As are weather elements like rain, snow, ice, sun, wind, and more.
  3. Pay close attention to any noises or movements your deck makes.
  4. Examine to make sure you see bolts and metal connections.

If you or a loved one was injured from a damaged backyard deck, contact our New Haven personal injury lawyers. Our team is experienced in handling cases like this and can help protect your long term interests.