New Haven Personal Injury: Why You Should Seek Medical Care Immediately

November 30, 2018
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Whether it was a New Haven personal injury, auto accident, or workplace injury, it is critical you seek medical care after your injury. You may think your injuries are minor, but the truth is that sometimes injuries can take days, or even weeks, to surface.

Get your accident/injury documented.
Whether it is an emergency room doctor, a mandated physician (as in a worker’s comp injury), or primary care provider, it is imperative to get your accident documented. Should you start to feel pain, it can be traced to your work injury.

You don’t have to pay for getting checked out.
If you were injured at work, report your injury to your supervisor immediately. Your employer should send you to either the hospital emergency room, their contracted physician, or instruct you to visit your own primary care provider. This visit is something you should not have to pay for.

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