New Haven Slip And Falls Might Occur More Frequently When Wearing A Mask

October 4, 2020
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Wearing a mask these days is the new normal.  While kids are at home distance learning, many of us are still having to go to work and in many cases having to wear masks.  We wear masks when we head to the grocery store or the movies or in some cases even out for a walk.

While masks can be a pain the neck, they can also increase your risk of getting involved in a New Haven slip and fall accident.  While safety from Coronavirus is top of mind when wearing a mask, you should also be aware that it could impede your vision and cause you to not see something you otherwise normally would see and get you into an accident.

Let’s say you’re walking through the grocery store and your mask slips over your eyes impeding your peripheral vision.  You look down an aisle and it appears all clear, but this is some wetness on the floor that you don’t see and all of a sudden you’re upended.

You might be walking down the street and your mask slips up onto your face and you miss a crack in the sidewalk that you otherwise might have seen were it not for the mask.

There are any number of ways that your mask can unintentionally impede your vision and cause you to have and accident that you otherwise might not have had.  It’s important to note that wearing a mask is not a reason you should slip and fall and whomever is responsible for the impediment to your travels should be held responsible for the accident.

If you’ve been involved in a New Haven slip and fall accident and you need someone to review your case, contact our office immediately and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you.