October Is National Pedestrian Safety Month

October 4, 2021
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Today we’re marking the start of National Pedestrian Safety Month.  October has been set aside by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to put a spotlight on the dangers of being a pedestrian and how you can stay safe.  Each week the organization is focusing on one theme and this week the theme is “Everyone Is A Pedestrian.”

No matter what your day looks like it is likely that there will be a situation where you may find yourself in a position that could result in a New Haven pedestrian accident.    Whether you’re out for a walk on a nice fall afternoon in the city, walking to your car after a trip to the grocery store, or taking your dog out at night before you go to bed, you are a pedestrian.  Being a pedestrian can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a dangerous thing.

As a pedestrian you can be focused on a number of things in order to keep yourself safe:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.  You should always be alert and understand the dangers that are around.
  2. Never walk distracted.  Leave your cellphone in your pocket while you’re walking or stop to look at it and then continue on.  If you’re not totally focused on walking you are setting yourself up for danger.
  3. Follow posted crosswalks and pedestrian lights and signs.  The safest way to cross a street is at a light or by using a crosswalk.  If it is available, use it.
  4. Don’t walk at night if you can avoid it.  The deadliest time to be a pedestrian is after dark.  If you do have to walk after dark make sure you are wearing clothes that are reflective and can make you visible to on-coming traffic.

Avoiding a New Haven pedestrian accident requires vigilance and awareness of your surroundings.  If you make sure you are following the safety precautions above, you will dramatically decrease your chances of getting injured and you will be able to enjoy the streets of the Elm City as a pedestrian more and more.

Accidents do happen and if an injury occurs to you, you may need to contact an attorney to review your case.  Call our office and one of our experienced attorneys will work with you to make sure that your long-term interests are being protected.