One Simple Action Can Save Your Life In A New Haven Auto Accident

April 18, 2024
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You’re going to start seeing the tried and true marketing campaign from police forces around the country as you head out on spring break trips or your next summer road trip. “Click it or ticket” has been a very successful campaign that has led to many states, including Connecticut, around the country to see a large increase in seat belt wearing. The best states in the country for seat belt safety experience 90% or higher adoption rates of seat belt wearing. These numbers are great and significantly increased since the inception of these campaign.

The fact remains though, that seat belt usage is not at 100% and those that are killed in a New Haven auto accident are more likely to have not been wearing a seat belt then those who were wearing a seat belt and got into an accident. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) accidents where the person is not wearing a seat belt are 45% less likely to end in an auto accident fatalities in the United States. The results are even better when considering limiting the risk of a serious injury when a person is wearing a seat belt and the risks are reduced by 50%. These staggering numbers that can be avoided by performing one simple act, wearing a seat belt.

It can be hard to believe that the act of buckling your seat belt can go that far in saving your life in the event that you are involved in an accident, but it is true, the numbers bear that out. It is important that seat belt use continues to climb and keep people safe. So, why are seat belts, a small piece of nylon strapped across your chest so effective in preventing serious injuries or even death when an auto accident happens? The truth is, this simple act has an out sized effect on your safety when used properly.

1.) Prevents ejection. Seat belts keep you strapped into the vehicle, even during a particularly scary and violent crash. If you were not wearing a seat belt there is a good chance that you would be thrown from the vehicle and your injuries would be significantly worse. Being restrained by your seat belt will keep you securely in your seat and prevent you from being thrown which can often be fatal in a crash. Not only will your body experience serious trauma by being launched from a moving vehicle, but the impact you may have once you land outside of the vehicle could be the deadliest part of the accident.

2.) Your chances of having a serious impact with the interior of the vehicle decline significantly if you are wearing a seat belt. The driver of the vehicle, if not wearing a seat belt is much more likely in a crash to be impacted by the steering column of the vehicle which is quite sturdy and can cause significant injury and in some cases death. Those who are in other parts of the vehicle, if not restrained, can be impacted by the seats in front of them, the windshield and even the dashboard of the vehicle which can cause serious impact injuries.

3.) Reduce your risk of being injured by an air bag. You read that correctly. If you’re not buckled in using a seat belt the impact you have with a deployed air bag can be serious and can cause significant injury. Air bags are designed to work in conjunction with seat belts and are not a replacement for these restraints. If you are not wearing a seat belt at impact and the air bag deploys you will be putting yourself at a greater risk of getting injured.

It is hard to undersell the importance of wearing a seat belt and the impact on your safety that having a seat belt on could have if you were to get into a New Haven auto accident. One of the greatest safety inventions of the past century is the seat belt and while early adoption was slow, now that the vast majority of drivers and passengers wear a seat belt out of habit is a good thing for public safety. If you’re one of the few that does not wear a seat belt when you get in the car, make sure you change that habit and quickly so you can avoid serious injury or death if you get into an accident.

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