Out For A Run? Follow These Simple Rules To Stay Safe

April 17, 2023
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As the weather in the Elm City warms up it can be tempting to head out and start using the city streets as a gym instead of being cooped up inside and sweating in a hot indoor location.  We have a very walkable/runable city that is wonderful to enjoy on foot, but there are also spots that can cause you to be in a position to get into a New Haven pedestrian accident and get injured.  We want to help you prevent that.

When you’re out, whether you’re walking or running you can follow some simple steps that can help keep you safe.  These are steps that anyone can and should follow.  If you take a few minutes to understand the rules laid out by the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) Watch For Me CT campaign you will put yourself in a situation where you can enjoy our city without the consistent fear of getting injured at the hands of a motor vehicle.

Rule #1: Don’t wear ear phones or ear buds.  While it can be tempting to run or walk with ear buds in so you can listen to your favorite music or podcast, it can also be extremely distracting.  Not to mention, not being able to hear the noises of the city around you can make it much harder to have your full attention on your surroundings and will prevent you from hearing on-coming traffic in the event that you don’t see the traffic.  You need all of your senses to protect yourself against an accident or you might find yourself injured.

Rule #2: Run or walk against the flow of the traffic (on the left.)  If you are facing the on-coming traffic you will be able to protect yourself more easily from any traffic that could cause you harm.  Of course, if there are sidewalks where you are running or walking you will want to use those to keep yourself completely safe, but if there are no sidewalks you will always want to go against the flow of the traffic.

Rule #3: Follow all traffic signs and signals.  Just like you would if you were behind the wheel of a car you will want to make sure you follow all of the road directions you are presented with.  It can be tempting when no one is coming to cross the road even if there is a do not cross sign posted, but you should wait until the lights and signs signal to you that it is ok to cross and you can do so safely.  If you don’t follow the signs you could get injured and find yourself out of the running or walking business for quite some time.

Rule #4: Wear the right clothing.  What you choose to wear can make all the difference in the world about your safety when you are out running or walking.  If you are wearing dark colors that cannot easily be seen you are putting yourself at risk.  If you wear bright, loud colors or better yet you go the extra mile and wear reflective clothing you are much more likely to be seen by on-coming traffic.  This is a good way to be seen and avoid getting into an accident.

A New Haven pedestrian accident can happen at any moment and following the above rules does not guarantee your safety, but NOT following the above rules could leave you very vulnerable to become a victim of an accident and find yourself injured.  Take the steps necessary to keep yourself safe and enjoy your time in the Elm City while minimizing your risks.

Contact our office if you do get injured because you may need an experienced attorney who works in situations like yours frequently.  Our attorneys will speak with you about your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.