Staying Safe In a Passenger Van

November 24, 2017
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Traveling from New Haven to to an airport in the coming weeks? The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration warned of the safety risks when traveling in a passenger van.

1. Make sure an experienced passenger van driver is operating the vehicle.
In the state of Connecticut, drivers operating a passenger vehicle must obtain a special endorsement from the Department of Motor Vehicles before transporting passengers.

2. Improperly sized/inflated tires.
The manufacturer sets the size and inflation for optimal vehicle performance in all situations. If the vehicle is not operating with properly sized tires, or the air is too low in the tires, it can affect how the vehicle handles on the road, especially in an auto accident.

3. Incorrectly loaded cargo/passengers that affect the vehicle’s center of gravity.
When a vehicle’s cargo, including passengers, is not loaded properly the balance can be off and result in a New Haven auto accident, such as a rollover.

If you were the passenger in a van that was in an auto accident, a New Haven auto accident attorney may be able to help you. Because there are limitations to when an injured person can file a claim, it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible.