Prevent A New Haven Auto Accident By Avoiding Road Rage In The Heat

July 22, 2022
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The last few days and the next few days are going to be scorchers in the Elm City, they don’t call them the dog days of summer for nothing.  With temperatures consistently reaching into the mid-90s there is a significantly higher risk that people will be on edge and there will be more incidences of road rage which will lead to a New Haven auto accident.

Road rage is a real thing that occurs no matter what the weather conditions are, but in hot weather, tensions rise and so can tempers.  If you’re experiencing conditions while driving that you think may lead to a road rage incident you should make sure that you follow some of the steps that are outlined below so that you can, quite literally, have a cooler head and remain safe behind the wheel.

1.) Use an alternative route.  One thing that often leads to road rage is traffic and sitting in traffic for long periods of time, especially in the heat, can be triggering for many people.  If you have the option to avoid traffic all together or at least limit your interactions with stop and go traffic, that may be your best bet to keep a cool head.

2.) Roll your windows up.  This might run counter-intuitive to trying to cool things down, but in the hottest days of the year air conditioning is your best friend.  If your car has air conditioning you should use it so you don’t get physically overheated.  If you can keep your mind and your body cool you can avoid any outbursts of rage that might result in an accident.

3.) Take a break.  If you can’t do either of the two steps above, find a safe place, pull over, and cool down before continuing on down the road.  Road rage is a funny thing because it lingers with you and can lead you to do things you might not otherwise have done.  If you are able to find a place to pull off the road and get your mind right it will keep you from making a mistake that you will regret in the long run.

The best thing you can do to avoid road rage is to know yourself and your triggers.  If you’re going to be triggered by the hot weather of the next few weeks, step outside of your normal routine and find a new route that you can take that will be less likely to trigger you.   Taking a few steps to minimize the risk of experiencing road rage can greatly reduce your chances of getting into a New Haven auto accident during the summer months.

If an injury occurs from an incident you’re involved in you may wish to speak with an attorney.  Our team of experienced attorneys have worked on all kinds of cases and can review the details of your situation as well.  We will speak with you and work to understand the circumstances and then we may be able to help you protect your long-term interests.