Remind Your Kids Of These 5 Bicycle Safety Tips

April 7, 2022
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Spring is here and there are more and more bicycle riders out on the streets of the Elm City.  Now, when kids get out of school they have plenty of daylight to ride their bikes and enjoy the fun of having a bike ride with their friends.  It is important that as the seasons change that we remind our kids about some safety tips that can prevent them from getting into a New Haven bicycle accident and keeping themselves and their friends safe as they enjoy the freedom of riding to and from their destinations.

Kids love riding bikes because it’s fun, but it also gives them some level of independence, but it’s important for them to remember that bikes are not toys and they should be treated with the same safety as you would a vehicle like a car or truck.  If kids can keep in mind that bikes are fun, but they can also be dangerous they will have a better time and stay safer as they ride throughout the city.

Share with your kids the following safety tips so that they can be safe and have fun all spring and summer long.

1.) Wear a helmet.  This is required by law for anyone under the age of 16, but it should be practice for all kids riding bikes.  If you’re not wearing a helmet you are increasing the risk of getting seriously injured if you fall off your bike or are thrown off your bike after being struck by on-coming traffic.

2.) Make sure your bike fits you as a rider.  If you are unsure of the fit of your bike take it into a local bike shop and have them help you size the bike appropriately.  In general terms when you are seated on your bike’s seat and have your foot on one of the pedals, which is all the way down, your knee should be just slightly bent.

3.) Proper inflation of tires.  Just as you would when you’re heading into a new season with your car, your kids should make sure they have properly inflated tires to be as safe as possible on the road.

4.) Wear the appropriate clothing so you can be seen by all drivers.  Clothing that is a bright color including neon or fluorescent colors are best.  Colors like black and white can not be easily seen by traffic and therefore should be avoided when riding a bike.  It would be good, especially if the child is going to be riding at night to include some reflective tape on their clothing so they can be seen at all times of the day.

5.) Always ride with at least one hand on the handlebar.  While it can be tempting for a young kid to show off their skills and start riding with no hands, it is not safe and should be avoided at all costs.  A rider who is riding safely should always have at least one hand on the handlebars at all time.

Reminding your kids of these safety tips and techniques will keep them from getting into a New Haven bicycle accident this spring and summer and keep them riding long into the fall as well.  Like anything with kids, these rules may require some repetition to get them to stick, but once they do you will have riders who are traveling through the city with independence and doing it safely.

If your child happens to get injured while riding her/his bike this summer and there were other parties involved you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you and work to protect your long-term interests.