Six Types Of New Haven Personal Injury Accidents That Can Cause Permanent Injury

November 13, 2020
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Accidents happen and they often result in injuries.  When severe accidents happen these injuries can be permanent and cause lasting harm.  If you’re involved in a New Haven personal injury accident you can be in for a long road to recovery and you may actually never recover from an accident.  It is important to know what types of accidents may lead to permanent injury.  Some are obvious, but others are less clear.

Here is a list of six types of injuries that could lead to permanent damage and cause you long-term anguish.

  1. New Haven auto accident: This falls in the obvious category.  Accidents involving motor vehicles can be serious in nature.  If you’re involved in a car accident your injuries can range from mild to life altering.
  2. Slip and fall accidents: While often these types of accidents can be less severe, they will leave lengthy recovery times and the possibility of permanent injury from muscle strains to broken bones.
  3. Work related injuries: If you are injured on the job, depending on the circumstance the injury could be very severe.
  4. Dog bite injuries: Ranging from a nip of your finger to a mauling which could cause life threatening harm a dog bite can cause serious harm to you and your body.
  5. Bicycle accidents: If you’re wearing the proper protective gear, a bike accident may not be too severe, but if you are not, it could be a life changing injury that you have for the rest of your life.
  6. Premises liability: This refers to an injury that may be sustained while you’re on someone’s land.  For instance a loose step walking up to a neighbors front door.  Many are not severe, but there are certainly situations where these types of accidents can cause permanent injury.

Any accident you get into can cause permanent injury, but some types of accidents can cause more harm then others.  It is important to know if an accident may result in a permanent injury so if you ever find yourself in an accident of that type you don’t underestimate the damage that might be done to yourself or someone you are with.

If you believe you have been injured as a result of a New Haven personal injury you should contact our office immediately for a review of your case.